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One:A service concept: Reliance customers sincere service responsible in the end
Second, the customer management
1, visitors and customers: No matter what you need so that you are satisfied with the return of your data file registration, keep in touch with you at any time, allowing you to buy roses for equipment.
2, ordering customers: the order of the users of our products, we will detail registration, a user will have a separate file) registration orders 2) promptly contact you design issues, such as infrastructure confirmation 3) timely communication with your hair goods matters 4) timely site installation conditions) equipment installation and commissioning process you understand the operation and maintenance training, and track 6) equipment operation within one month return visit, asking registered.
Third, the service
Service management: the company vice president directly responsible for after-sales service, the company Total twenty-six installation service teams, each team has two specializing in service work, service personnel in each area mobile operations.
2, after-sales service Tel: 0532-84131338
Fourth, the technical service hotline: Company Institute will provide you with timely and thoughtful service, such as in the process of using the device, difficult problems can always dial telephone: 0532-84131278