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       Qingdao Desiree Group Rubber Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the major companies of Qingdao Desiree Group,which devotes itself to designing and manufacturing of Tire curing press,Tire building machine,Dynamic balancing machine,Platen press line,Rubber mixing machine and batch off.
The Group is compossed of 5 subsidiaries which are Qingdao Desiree Group Surface Treatment Equipment Co.,Ltd,Qingdao Desiree Group Rubber Machinery Co.,Ltd.Qingdao Desiree Group Automobile Inspection Device Co.,Ltd ,Qingdao Desiree Group High-rise Packing Equipment Co.,Ltd and Qingdao Desiree Group Real Estate Co.,Ltd.After decades development,Qingdao Desiree Group now is Qingdao TOP15 large-scale private enterprise.
Qingdao Desiree Group Rubber Machinery Co.,Ltd established a powerful technical center in the very beginning,and has multi cooperations with more than 10 scientific research insitutes and universities.By absorbing the advanced rubber machinery technology and the company's innovation,our products are now rated as the advanced level both at home and abroad.
We have a team of skilled and experienced senior engineers and technicians.We have developed several proprietary technologies which fill up the vacancy of our country.Our products achieve world class quality standards.